Yero Shop in Downtown LA

Halal Cart in NYC is a huge staple that all tourists and natives of New York know about it.  In the short trip that Mike and I were there last May, we managed to have it 2x in like a 2 day span.  Kinda sick…but Kinda awesome.

About 8 months ago a place in LA opened up near hollywood that was supposed to be just like Halal but apparently it was a huge let down.  *sad *

THEN just about 1-2 months ago Hero Shop in downtown LA created a chicken and rice bowl that is BOMB.  They serve it late night from 7-10pm Tuesday through Saturday.  Markel and I hit it up a few fridays ago and melted as soon as we started to eat it.  We got the mixed meat (Lamb and Chicken) bowl.  Seriously…it was the best thing we had since Halal Cart and the most comparable dish we’ve had.

Markel thought the meat was more flavorful at Yero Shop and I thought the hot sauce was way better (since the Halal cart hot sauce burns your mouth).

We LOVED the chicken & rice bowl at Yero Shop (get it…??) and can’t wait to go back there soon!

If  you’re in the downtown area, or just want a BOMB meal, check it it out!!

Hero Shop turns into Yero Shop

130 E 6TH ST.



BOMB white sauce and Hot Sauce



You order the bowl inside of the restaurant (along with any drinks), and then you take the ticket outside.  There’s indoor and outdoor seating which is really nice.



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