Wurstkuche in Venice

This last weekend Markel and I celebrated a good friend’s birthday at Wurstuche in Venice.  I’ve only visited the Little Tokyo location and hadn’t been in years, so it was really nice to try out the Venice chain.  I forgot how delicious the fries and dipping sauces were, and how soft the bread for the sausage was.  Since I’m preggo I wasn’t able to eat a meat sausage and stuck with a veggie one instead.  =(  I have to say…it was NOT the same.  The meat ones are way better.  *sigh *

Mike ordered Duck with sauerkraut on top.  He died and said it was amazzzzing~~

The entire restaurant had the same industrial feel as the downtown location, and the selection of beer was incredible.  Mike and his friends ordered different kinds that all came in their own unique glasses.  REALLY fun touch~ and kept the experience spicy.

The back room to Wurstkuche is huge and great for large parties.  The lighting is really intimate as well and we saw tons of people on romantic dates tucked into the corner/wall tables all over the restaurant.

If you’ve never been to Wurstkuche, I totally recommend it!  Great food and experience~



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