An Italian Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving 2014, The Blairs decided to have a big Italian Dinner in lieu of Turkey and the normal sides.  Grandpa Cordaro from Sicily passed away this year and in his honor, we had a big Sicilian feast.  It was a really really wonderful way to remember such an amazing man and share our memories of him with each other.

Here are the special meatballs being made below. =)  I supervised while mike and his brother made the magic happen.


The amazing feast below.  I still have meat aversions (from pregnancy) so I don’t have the meatballs or sausages on my plate.  BUT they were a smash hit and people went nuts over them.


some of us couldn’t handle the big meal.  little lucy feasted on italian meatballs and then PASSED out.


i love the holidays and the family bonding it brings.  can’t wait for next year when we’ll have our little one at the table to share in the family tradition as well! xoxo

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


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