Black Hogg Brunch


Black Hogg is now serving breakfast!! =)  From incredible chef, Eric Park, the breakfast menu is hearty and full of comfort items with a twist.  I seriously wish I could have tried the entire menu, but here are the three Markel and I did below.

everything we tried was SOOOO yummy.  We can’t wait to go back to try out the Kimchi Fried Rice, French Toast and more of that BACON!  xo


Chef’s Special

–thick slabs of homemade bacon, sunny side up eggs, sourdough toast and SUPER yummy hashbrowns


chickpea avocado toast

–love the crunch of the toast with the perfectly seasoned chickpea/avocado mash.  the radishes add a fresh crunch!


Korean Fried Chicken with Scallion Waffles

–SOOOO GOOD.  The scallon waffles were fluffy and full of flavor, the chicken was incredibly juicy was a delicious seasoning.  Combined with the sweet syrup…*droool *


Captain Crunch Chocolate Chip Cookie for Dessert

(their famous cookie!! Oh Joy did a little piece on them for these amazing treats!)



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