Goma Tei in Ala Moana

I’m always looking for an AMAZING noodle place and I found a great Japanese Ramen restaurant this time in Hawaii!  Goma Tei is located in Ala Moana Mall and has a crazy wait during the dinner rush.  BUT it’s totally worth it!  I ordered their #1, which is their most popular meal.  The thin chewy noodles come in a spicy pork broth with spinach and pork belly so tender it melts in your mouth.  I kinda wish I could have added a hard boiled egg, corn and a few other things I like in my ramen but it was still really good.


Tonkatsu with curry~~~ I didn’t get to try this baby (I was way too full) but my bro and SIL said it was AMAZING.  tender, crispy and just the right spice of curry! =)


Next time you’re in the area check it out!  I wouldn’t say it’s the BEST ramen I’ve ever had, but it was really tasty and it totally hit the spot. =)


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