Jimbos Udon

Jimbo’s Udon in Honolulu is a local favorite and a total hidden gem.  Unless my brother took me there, I never would have known to check it out.  The noodles are handmade and incredibly chewy.  Normally the line is crazy and there’s a long wait, but we came kind of late for dinner and was able to get seated after only 10-15 minutes of waiting. =D

My mom and I both ordered the curry udon and my brother ordered cold udon (soba style).  I would actually highly recommend getting the cold udon because the noodles are much chewier and tastier.  The udon in the curry broth came out a little soft, which was still good but not as amazing as the cold dish.  The normal udon looked amazing as well~~

The service was incredibly friendly, the food came out fast and I LOVED the handmade noodles.  Check this place out if you’re in the area!

20141226_200303 20141226_201743 20141226_202040


(*lighting was pretty bad for photos in the restaurant so i’m sorry for the yellow pictures! Bottom photo from yelp)



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