Masubi Cafe Iyasume


oh glorious masubi cafe…my life was changed after coming here.  there was an extensive menu selection and everything we ordered was AMAZING.  Masubi Cafe was tucked away inside the Aqua Pacific Monarch Hotel in Waikiki so without yelping it beforehand, I never would have found it!  (what a pity that would have been).  My brother and I were on a food tour so I didn’t get to order as many items as I wanted (had to save some stomach space for desserts, ramen, and more!)…but I still managed to get a double tuna masubi, one bacon egg and avocado masubi, and one bacon and egg masubi.  SO GOOOOD.  Miso soup came free with our orders and it was the perfect amount of saltiness to go with the small bites.  OH MAN…I can’t believe it took me so long to find this place.  my life has literally been changed.  lol  can’t wait to go back and try more items on the menu when i’m not preggers!! xo

20141228_134827 20141228_140859 20141228_140905


4 thoughts on “Masubi Cafe Iyasume

  1. where in God’s name do you put all that??? looks ONO!! for real though…so glad to be journeying with you….back in the day i could down it but not anymore…maybe one?? hahaha…loving it Esther!! My Hawa’ii Nei!

    • haha well i’ve gained quite a bit of weight since i’ve seen you last. lol and now that i’m pregnant i’ve definitely been indulging. LOL how are you?? how have you been?

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