Dessert in Oahu: Bubbies and Waiola Shaved Ice

As much as I love the food in Hawaii…the desserts are in their own bomb category.  The first few years I visited, I tried all the “touristy” places: dole plantation pineapple ice cream, matsumotos shaved ice, leonards donuts, etc.  But starting last year I started to find a lot of local treats that have blown me away~~ my top two faves: Waiola Shaved Ice and Bubbies.


Waiola has the SOFTEST shaved ice ever.  It’s like you’re eating snow.  You can get it with ice cream at the bottom, with li hing powder on top and of course~ any syrup combo you desire.  I always get normal shaved ice with 2-3 syrups and no extras.  lol boring i know…


oh Bubbies.  so you can get lots of different things at bubbies but i would VERY STRONGLY recommend getting the mochi ice cream.  they are TO DIE FOR.  literally.  I’ve had about 5 different flavors and each one has made my taste buds dance for joy.  what the flavor says on the menu is EXACTLY what you taste.  i know that’s how all menus should be…but some desserts can be totally disappointing.  Bubbies is not that place my friend…

There’s nothing special about the restaurant ambiance, service or even the location.  it’s just the mochi ice cream that will literally send you to another planet.  LOL  convinced yet?? ^^



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