Pine and Crane in Silverlake, CA


I have been wanting to try Pine and Crane for AGES and I finally got to check it out with Markel and the Paks.  SO EXCITING.  I had heard so much about this place that I kind of assumed that the food wouldn’t live up to it’s hype.  I was wrong.

The restaurant is tucked away in this really cute courtyard in Silverlake.  I’m not sure how else to describe the area but it’s very distinctive with tables and chairs in an area that you normally would have assumed was a street.  When you walk in, you order at the counter before finding a seat.  We were luckily there early so we had no problem finding a spot but when we got up to leave it looked like a lot of people were waiting to find a seat (so get there early people!).

P&C’s decor was really hip, modern and bright.  Not sure if this makes sense, but the place was so clean you knew the food would be too.  Or vice versa.  One thing I really loved was how many staff members were in the kitchen, front counter and in the restaurant.  It guaranteed that the service would be prompt and attentive.  Not only did our waitress check in with us often and refill our waters before we knew we needed it~ but the food came out REALLY fast.  very impressive.  Taiwanese food is much lighter than Chinese food (in my opinion) and you can really see that in the dishes we ordered.  Everything was lightly dressed and just cleaner… (again…like the restaurant and the presentation.  lol)


we ordered… Spicy Shrimp Wontons, Taiwanese Sausage, Mushroom Shoots, Beef Roll, Zha Zhang Noodles, and Mapo Tofu.  My favorites were probably the mapo tofu, the spicy shrimp and the beef rolls.  Next time i really want to try the beef noodle soup~ i heard such good things about it!


mike and i each got boba which was good, but nothing impressive.  the drink was more about the tea than a dessert-like drink you’d find at lollicup.  probably wouldn’t order this again…


If you’re in the area or just looking to try a new spot, please check out pine and crane.  you’ll be glad you did. =)


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