Chunju Han Il Kwan

Chunju Han Il Kwan is a place that I love coming to.  The service isn’t great, the menu selection isn’t super long, but the food in FANTASTIC.  Seriously so good.  I get the boodae jjigae (the everything soup) and it REALLY hits the spot during cold weather.   I met a friend there during my winter break and the hot soup on a drizzly day was exactly what we both needed.

If you’re in the mood for comfort food or a hot spicy soup, definitely check this place out.  They also have an amazing savory veggie pancake as well.

Chunju Han Il Kwan has a small parking lot and the line to the restaurant can get pretty ridiculous.  I recommend getting there early or during an off dinner hour.  This joint is pretty small inside as well so I would recommend a party of 2-4 people so you can get seated easily.


the delicious side dishes that come with the soup.  i seriously LOVE restaurants that give lots of side dishes.  probably because i don’t live with mama chang anymore and really  miss it…


there’s boba time next door to the restaurant and i love getting their mango smoothie.  SO GOOD.  it’s the perfect dessert after a spicy hot soup. xo



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