Ritas Ice


Rita’s Ice is my newest discovery on the west side and i’m completely obsessed.  Originally from Philly, Rita’s stores have been popping up all over the place in LA.  The Italian Ice, as they call it, tastes like a shaved sorbet.  All the flavors I’ve tried have been incredibly delicious and seem homemade.  The flavors change daily/weekly and they are seriously SOOOO good.

On top of the Ice flavors, you can pair it with a custard flavor of your choice and the combination is well… a party in your mouth.  I personally can’t eat too much of the custard because it’s so rich, but Mike loves the combination of the two.  Our favorite ice flavor is Strawberry-Mango.  My second favorite is Berry-Blue.

If you see a Rita’s in your neighborhood or can hit one up over the weekend, I HIGHLY recommend it!!  If you go with a few friends, try getting a bunch of small sizes and sharing~ there are so many delicious things on the menu. =)



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