G&B Coffee


Sunday I checked out grand central station with my old roommie and fellow chang-sta.  I got to try three places at the same time which REALLY made my inner fattie dance with joy.  These days since alchie is NOT an option, I’ve been trying to de-stress with delicious food and drinks.  healthy right?  lol

G&B is like Go Get Em Tiger on Larchmont.  It’s a bar feel where you can walk up and order a drink (rather than wait in a line like normal coffee shops).  I ordered a sweet latte but what I REALLY wanted was the $8 Shake: 4 shots of espresso, ice cream and cream).  The shake tasted like heaven in your mouth.  I only had one sip since I’m preggo and can’t drink TOO much caffiene.  WAHHHH.  next time…

20150201_131242 IMG_2587 IMG_2584IMG_2586


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