Baby Blair’s Shower + A Bomb Taco Truck


last weekend baby blair was showered with the most beautiful party i ever did see.  from the appetizers and drinks to this gorgeous dessert table above…every detail was PERFECT.  I have the most amazing group of friends/future aunties who really showered baby blair with love, great memories and sweets to last a lifetime. ❤

IMG_2747A IMG_2749A IMG_2751A IMG_2753A IMG_2754A IMG_2755A

triple berry cake.  TO DIE FOR.  homemade by one of the most talented ladies I know!

IMG_2756A IMG_2758A IMG_2759A

the fab 5 who made this day happen.  love them so much and can’t wait for baby blair to meet the most creative and loving eemos!

IMG_2761A IMG_2763A IMG_2763A IMG_2796 IMG_2797A

oh delicious taco truck…how i love you.  the lady we hired is the NICEST person ever.  and the food was BOMB.  everyone kept raving about this place.  if you need a recommendation for a taco truck in LA let me know!

IMG_2813 IMG_2814


2 thoughts on “Baby Blair’s Shower + A Bomb Taco Truck

  1. AWWWW congrats Esther!! i didn’t even know…and the Shower looks absolutely AMAZING!! i know you had a terrific day! sooo happy for you! keep up the great journey on Tales of a Fattie! i’m loving it!

    • thank you renee!! baby is due may 3rd and i couldn’t be more ready to have her out. lol my limbs and face are so swollen. thank you so much for reading my blog! means a lot ❤ hope you and your family are doing well!

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