Burger Lounge + Salt and Straw Ice Cream on Larchmont

last week some friends and i tried out burger lounge + Salt and Straw on Larchmont.  both were new places for me and both were…ok/good.  i wouldn’t say the BEST food around but there were some elements of each place that i liked.

first…burger lounge!  I got the Lounge Burger (100% fresh, single source american grass-fed beef. served “lounge style:” lounge bun, organic cheese – white cheddar or american, fresh or grilled onion, crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, house-made 1000 island).  the burger was well cooked and juicy~~ but not something I would RAAVE about to friends.  A great healthy alternative to mcdonalds but *meh* it was just an ordinary burger to me.


the fries were the same…typical fries.  the Caesar salad had a few nice twists from the old version but again…nothing i HAVE to eat again.  the onion rings tho were bomb and i could eat 2 more bags of those.



now onto the ice cream!  across the street is a new and trendy place called Salt and Straw.  i’ve been wanting to try it for a while and finally got my chance. =D  the flavors are homemade and VERY unique.  so for your “vanilla ice cream” lovers this is not the place for you.

i got a roasted strawberry with white chocolate scoop and thought it was delicious.  there were about 10-15 flavors to choose from but most of them were so weird it was harder to find a flavor i would like rather than narrowing down 5 delicious options.  *shrug *  perhaps i’m more “vanilla” than i realized.

anyway, this places was a unique treat and i would recommend trying it out if you like ice cream and enjoy trying out new flavors. =D



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