Donut Man in Glendora

Do you know the donut man, the donut man, the donut man…

if you’ve never heard of the donut man in glendora and live in socal~ drop everything and drive over there NOW.  the donut man has a big variety of donuts that are all good.  but their specialty donuts are to-die-for-delicious.  think i’m exaggerating?  go try the strawberry filled donut below and your tastebuds will thank me forever.  i could eat 4 of these in one sitting if i weren’t afraid of getting diabetes.  each filled donut is $4 and i swear you can’t just eat one.

the strawberry filled donuts are seasonal so if you go when they aren’t around~ i would recommend trying the tiger tail donut or any of the regular ones available.  BUT…there’s really no point in going to donut man if you’re not going to get the strawberry filled ones below.  it’s like going to KFC and not getting any chicken.  don’t be cray.

expect the line to be wrapped around this small building and pay in cash.  other than that…the donut man experience is WORTH IT people.  i’d wait an hour in the rain to gobble up 4 strawberry filled donuts.  (…only if i wasn’t afraid of cavities and diabetes)

20150222_142352 20150222_142416


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