Lemonade on Larchmont

went to lemonade for brunch on larchmont recently and my fattie inner soul literally died and went to food heaven.  for two people, we ordered these two trays PLUS 2 more small salads.  i was a bit hungry/hangry and ready to eat everything they had.  this was my second time at lemonade and it was fun to try a little bit of everything this time.  for a newbie it’s a little confusing because the selection is huge and it’s split by how many salads or “portions” you choose.

i would say…skip the dessert.  it’s not quite what it looks like.  the lemonade, salads, mac and cheese and mashed potatoes were DELIIIICIOUS though.  the blue cheese/chicken sandwich was yummy but the thanksgiving (turkey, cranberry) one was aiite.  the avocado and salmon salad really hit the spot for me too.  not sure if it’s worth the money but if you could make it at home, that would be my favorite afternoon snack.

if you have a chance to hit up a lemonade for lunch/dinner i highly recommend it.  it’s fresh, healthy and tastyyyy~~ xoxo




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