Sweetgreen on 3rd Street

2015-07-26 13.13.03

holy heavens, this place is AMAAAAAAZING.  so…being kinda cweepy i follow a blogger from new york who raves about sweet green.  (according to her life/blog) sweet green started in DC and expanded out to NYC and NOWWW it’s in LA! =D  being a cweepy blog fan i checked this place out with a few girlfriends and instantly loved their omega salad (below) and their guacamole salad (above).  the flavor profiles are just SPOT ON and there are different textures mixed into the salad that keep it interesting/fun.  haha does that even make sense?  on top of the great food there’s free parking, the restaurant is SUPER CLEAN (love that) and the staff are incredibly friendly.

one thing i love eating that i feel like LA doesn’t have enough of are GOOOD salad places.  Tender Greens  and Lemonade are really the only places i would say meet my gourmet salad expectations and needs…until now. =)  check this place out if you’re near the beverly center or you’re just DYING for a to-die-for salad. =D xx

2015-07-26 13.19.49


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