Cuvee on Robertson

2015-07-25 13.35.21

i have been on the hunt for a shrimp taco salad since my second trimester.  SUCH an incredibly weird craving but i blame el pollo loco commercials.  lol

anyway…i never found the taco salad i had been craving UNTIL i went to brunch at Cuvee off Robertson.  Cuvee is the cutest restaurant/wine bar.  there were a ton of items on the brunch menu that i wanted to order but once i saw the shrimp taco salad my heart literally did a little dance.

hands down this was the best taco salad i’ve ever had.  the shrimp is large, fresh and perfectly seasoned.  the salad itself is generously portioned and has a ton of great textures and flavors.

best part of the meal?  we got free cookies!  (hint: check in on yelp)  and those cookies were BOMB.  mike and i were fighting over the crumbs at the end.  lol

i can’t wait to go back to Cuvee for their taco salad + other brunch items. =)  xoxo

(turkey panini below was yummy too!)

2015-07-25 13.35.25 2015-07-25 13.35.52


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