It’s been awhile

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Mama Chang is Back!

Oh man this week has been such a treat~ my mama is back in LA and we have been lucky to get her home cookin each night.  I miss her food so much.  When I was pregnant all I wanted was her veggie stir fry’s, soups and kimchi.   

She came to visit for c’s bday and we seriously feasted 24/7.  Here’s a pic from one of our dinners.  ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Anti-hangover drink: Asian Pear Juice


Holy crap why did I not kno about this before??? ย This drink is a little miracle worker in a can. ย I chugged this after a night of drinking and woke up hangover free~~~ I didn’t feel fresh as a flower the next morning but I also wasn’t puking with a crazy headache either. ย So huge plus! ย  Next time I think I will try to drink this before a night of drinking and then again right after. ย :). ย For double the protection. ย Hehe