Brunch Vibes

Hello Wendesday!  Be good to me please and let the rest of the week fly by~~  



Woke up super early this morning bc of a sick baby :(. On the plus side it means I was able to grab some food this morning before the rest of the neighborhood woke up.  

I’m obsessed with this kale, edamame salad (trader how’s) and a vanilla latte with half the powder (coffee bean).  🙂

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!! 


2015-07-01 12.10.00

i very seriously have a love affair with lox.  i’m not even sure when it started but it’s my go-to brunch food and i love love LOVE to make these at home.  the capers and onions REALLY bring out the smokey lox flavors and well… who DOESN’T love a toasted bagel with cream cheese??

(the answer is NO ONE people.  NO ONE)

when i was pregnant i thought about this deliciousness daily.  as soon as baby blair popped out and i was allowed to eat non-korean foods again~~ I bought a ridiculous pack of lox and bagels to last a month.  kinda kidding… maybe 2 weeks?  good Lord i could eat this everyday.  starting to salivate already as i stare at the picture above…

my favorite way to eat lox is actually in a sandwich form.  like when you go to urth cafe and they give you lettuce, cucumbers, etc to put on top.  or sprouts!  yummmmmmmm  so freaking bomb.

if you don’t love lox… i feel sad for you.  you cray.  go to urth cafe or some other brunch spot and order it immediately.  your tastebuds will thank me later.


Salt Air on Abbott Kinney


Back in June (whoa time flies fast), I had my 31st birthday brunch at Salt Air on Abbott Kinney with my girlfriends.  The day was nice and hot, the food at Salt Air was perfection, and afterwards we got to shop around and take in the lazy saturday afternoon. ❤


if you haven’t been to salt air, PLEASE check this place out.  the service is incredibly friendly, the food is SUPERB, the drink menu is salivating and you always have a great time.  abbott kinney is my favorite place to hang out these days and big brunches like this is exactly why!

favorite items at Salt Air: lobster roll, blueberry pancakes, roasted chicken, and oysters!







perfect little dessert to end the best brunch with my Bs. =)


Sweetgreen on 3rd Street

2015-07-26 13.13.03

holy heavens, this place is AMAAAAAAZING.  so…being kinda cweepy i follow a blogger from new york who raves about sweet green.  (according to her life/blog) sweet green started in DC and expanded out to NYC and NOWWW it’s in LA! =D  being a cweepy blog fan i checked this place out with a few girlfriends and instantly loved their omega salad (below) and their guacamole salad (above).  the flavor profiles are just SPOT ON and there are different textures mixed into the salad that keep it interesting/fun.  haha does that even make sense?  on top of the great food there’s free parking, the restaurant is SUPER CLEAN (love that) and the staff are incredibly friendly.

one thing i love eating that i feel like LA doesn’t have enough of are GOOOD salad places.  Tender Greens  and Lemonade are really the only places i would say meet my gourmet salad expectations and needs…until now. =)  check this place out if you’re near the beverly center or you’re just DYING for a to-die-for salad. =D xx

2015-07-26 13.19.49


2015-07-01 15.21.14

2015-07-01 15.14.20

I cannot emphasize enough just. how. much. i. love. this. place.  LOVE.

Lemonade has fresh salads made daily, along with hot sides, sandwiches, desserts, and of course *drumroll* LEMONADE!  You walk in and there’s a cafeteria-like line with salds, sides and desserts behind a sneeze guard.  Doesn’t sound sexy but once you see the line of colorful salads you start to drool a little bit (true story).

My favorite salad is the beet.  They always have it, so I’m guessing a few other people feel the same way.  Their flavor combinations are DERRIC and you feel really healthy and full afterwards.  Well… unless you get the fatty sides, desserts AND a sandwich to go with your healthy salad.  heh heh heh

Each store always has about 4-5 different lemonades of the day available.  I’ve tried a few like pineapple, watermelon, strawberry, etc.  I have to say, I’m not sure what my favorite is yet.  I think I have to go back a few more times and keep trying.  =P

One thing though…I don’t love the desserts.  Maybe you have to get a macaroon or a cookie?  But the cake/pie kind of slices are just whatevs.  I highly recommend steering clear of those.  =T