Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of the year.  I feel like it kicks off 6 weeks of fun, family and FOOOOOOD.  Here are some heavenly recipes that I’ve been drooling over from!

Roasted Kobucha Squash with Brown Butter, Marshmallows, and Pecans


Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes


Stuffing with Sausage, Apples & Sage


Spiced Holiday Sangria




Red, White and Blue

IMG_4353in honor of fourth of july, the blairs are celebrating with red, white and blue yogurt parfaits!  xoxo  LOVE eating these babies for breakfast.

our include: strawberry greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, banana slices and honey bunches of oats cereal. =)

(we always use cereal instead of granola~ tastes really good i think!)

Happy Fourth!! xoxo


Valentine’s Breakfast Fail


I intended to make this above for Markel this morning…one heart shaped center and one dog bone shaped center…but the both came out like blobs. 😦
If you see the cut outs above the toast those were SUPPOSED to be the center shapes…oops. 


Christmas Decorating and Holiday Meal


This last Sunday, Markel and I spent the evening decorating our place with delicious christmas decorations and scents.  We found the perfect 3 foot tree that smelled heavenly when we brought it home and decorated it with ornaments we had been collecting for the past 6+ years.  We buy 1 ornament together for every year we’ve been together and this year it really filled up our little tree!

ANDD of course we had to top off the evening with a little holiday meal for 2.  Since we didn’t eat the traditional turkey feast on thanksgiving, it was really nice to have a little post-holiday meal together in our newly decorated apartment.  The only thing missing was red wine or champs. >.<  oh well…maybe next year.




our baby tree ❤


An Italian Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving 2014, The Blairs decided to have a big Italian Dinner in lieu of Turkey and the normal sides.  Grandpa Cordaro from Sicily passed away this year and in his honor, we had a big Sicilian feast.  It was a really really wonderful way to remember such an amazing man and share our memories of him with each other.

Here are the special meatballs being made below. =)  I supervised while mike and his brother made the magic happen.


The amazing feast below.  I still have meat aversions (from pregnancy) so I don’t have the meatballs or sausages on my plate.  BUT they were a smash hit and people went nuts over them.


some of us couldn’t handle the big meal.  little lucy feasted on italian meatballs and then PASSED out.


i love the holidays and the family bonding it brings.  can’t wait for next year when we’ll have our little one at the table to share in the family tradition as well! xoxo

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Southern BBQ: Ribs, Cole Slaw, Corn Bread and Mexican Corn

For fourth of july this last year, i wanted something a little different.  instead of the traditional hotdogs, hamburgers, etc i wanted ribs, corn bread and cole slaw.

Mexican Corn!  I’ve been CRAAAVING this for days so we made it for dinner (even though it didn’t go with ANYTHING else…)  we used frozen white corn instead of corn on the cob so it would be easier to eat.  turned out well and it was REALLY easy to make!

similar corn recipe here


pre-cooked and marinated ribs from trader joe’s.  SO DELICIOUS.  you just popo them in the oven for 20 minutes and BAM, dinner is ready.  I could eat this everyday they are so delicious!


our ugly spread.  it didn’t look hot, but it was DAMN gooooooooood.  we OBVIOUSLY cooked too much for four people.  but it was ok!  mike and i got to eat delicious leftovers for the rest of the weekend.  =D