Shrimp Tacos

Our church arranged for two food trucks to come and THIS was what waited for us. =)  Of course I do not remember the name of the taco truck… >.<  UGH so delic.  I wish I had a plate of these right now…


Link Restaurant

for my friends surprise engagement brunch (after the proposal) we met at Link in Beverly Hills.  this was the perfect location to have an surprise brunch with bottomless cocktails, chill vibes and really friendly staff.  felt like a “bro” staff that was super nice and gave us a ton of space to celebrate the engagement. really sweet of them to do that.


hot mess fries~~ love the name and the dish.


san diego burrito–really good~ loved the salsa verde sauce it came with too.


Golden Gate Sandwich–good not AMAZING.  the toasted sourdough bread was really tasty tho.


i would be interested in going back and trying their normal lunch/dinner menu.  not totally impressed with their brunch selections but i loved the bottomless mimosas, sangria and mojitos. =)  next time when baby blair is born i will be indulging in MANY more of those brunches. =D

Here are some pics of the surprise engagement below. ❤  such a fun morning to spend with friends, celebrating a momentous occasion for the sweetest and cutest couple ever!

IMG_3086 IMG_3093 IMG_3097

Baby Blair’s Shower + A Bomb Taco Truck


last weekend baby blair was showered with the most beautiful party i ever did see.  from the appetizers and drinks to this gorgeous dessert table above…every detail was PERFECT.  I have the most amazing group of friends/future aunties who really showered baby blair with love, great memories and sweets to last a lifetime. ❤

IMG_2747A IMG_2749A IMG_2751A IMG_2753A IMG_2754A IMG_2755A

triple berry cake.  TO DIE FOR.  homemade by one of the most talented ladies I know!

IMG_2756A IMG_2758A IMG_2759A

the fab 5 who made this day happen.  love them so much and can’t wait for baby blair to meet the most creative and loving eemos!

IMG_2761A IMG_2763A IMG_2763A IMG_2796 IMG_2797A

oh delicious taco truck…how i love you.  the lady we hired is the NICEST person ever.  and the food was BOMB.  everyone kept raving about this place.  if you need a recommendation for a taco truck in LA let me know!

IMG_2813 IMG_2814

AMAZING Mexican Brunch… *DROOL * Anepalco’s Cafe in Orange

i had the best mexican breakfast/brunch of my life and it was from such an unassuming place!  Anepalco’s cafe is tucked away in a strip mall near Disneyland and it’s SOOO delicious.  no joke, EVERYTHING we ate was unbelievable.  I think these pictures speak for themselves~~ but our party of four literally licked the plates clean and talked about coming back the next time we were in orange!


huevos divorciados

Green & Red Sauces, Tortillas, Ham, Bacon, Eggs, Red Onion, Avocado, Cotija Cheese, Sour Cream, Cilantro


huevos rancheros

eggs served in the style of the traditional large mid-morning fare


Anepalco’s Chilaquiles

A traditional Mexican dish consisting of corn tortillas, cut into quarters and lightly fried. Green/Red salsa or mole is poured over the tortilla as the concoction simmers and the tortilla starts to soften. Scrambled or fried eggs are added, as the dish is topped with cheese or sweet Mexican cream


Throwback Thursday: Roomie Wine Night!

soooo this wine night happened (literally) a year ago.  i founds these pictures in my draft pile and i couldn’t believe i hadn’t already posted about it!  *sigh *  i’m so freaking behind on life you guys.

below we ordered dinner from a local mexican joint near her apartment in beverly hills.  it was really delicious and reminded me of a small mexican shop in sacramento when i was growing up.  we of course down the dinner with 2 bottles of wine and really had the night of our lives.  haha just the two of us.

so much fun and just looking at these pics takes me back. xo

happy thursday everyone!!



delicious dessert!  cupcakes and ice cream =)


Taco Plus…Oh How I Love You

taco plus…you’ve been hearing about it from me foreverrr from me…i freaking LOVE this place.  it’s not only really clean inside (always a plus right?) but the customer service is friendly, food is BOMB and the prices are amazing.

Below is my steak quesadilla.  DELIC

ANDDDD the sauces/salsas/toppings at the bar are really tasty.  i’m in love with taco plus and it’s my go-to Mexican takeout place!

wpid-20140813_183610 wpid-20140813_183737