Thirsty Thursdays

 Discovered these babies at Trader Joe’s and it has become a total favorite in the Blair home.  These have a lot more depths of flavor than the normal A&W root beer.   



Woke up super early this morning bc of a sick baby :(. On the plus side it means I was able to grab some food this morning before the rest of the neighborhood woke up.  

I’m obsessed with this kale, edamame salad (trader how’s) and a vanilla latte with half the powder (coffee bean).  🙂

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!! 


2015-07-01 12.10.00

i very seriously have a love affair with lox.  i’m not even sure when it started but it’s my go-to brunch food and i love love LOVE to make these at home.  the capers and onions REALLY bring out the smokey lox flavors and well… who DOESN’T love a toasted bagel with cream cheese??

(the answer is NO ONE people.  NO ONE)

when i was pregnant i thought about this deliciousness daily.  as soon as baby blair popped out and i was allowed to eat non-korean foods again~~ I bought a ridiculous pack of lox and bagels to last a month.  kinda kidding… maybe 2 weeks?  good Lord i could eat this everyday.  starting to salivate already as i stare at the picture above…

my favorite way to eat lox is actually in a sandwich form.  like when you go to urth cafe and they give you lettuce, cucumbers, etc to put on top.  or sprouts!  yummmmmmmm  so freaking bomb.

if you don’t love lox… i feel sad for you.  you cray.  go to urth cafe or some other brunch spot and order it immediately.  your tastebuds will thank me later.


Big City Diner in Ala Moana

My parents live near the beach in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of tourists, surfers and locals.  And ALL THIS TIME, I never knew about Big City Diner which is only 1 block away from their place!  cray.

Big City Diner is just that~ a diner.  But the food was solid, the prices were great and the customer service was amazing.  (you know how i like my customer service ppl)  We ordered their wings, kimchi fried rice, and the Big Burger.  Everything was REALLY good.  My mom was surprised at how delicious the kimchi fried rice was (since it seems like a diner would  have butchered it).

If you go to hawaii, this isn’t the first place I would recommend~ but if you want American food and something familiar~ Big City Diner is a really solid spot.  xo
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using my new selfie stick for the first time!!  (i obviously look super unflattering…gotta figure out how to take better selfies with this thing)


 a little family fun =)