Brunch Vibes

Hello Wendesday!  Be good to me please and let the rest of the week fly by~~  


Larchmont Bungalow


This is by far one of my fave brunch spots in LA.  The food, coffee and desserts are always solid; free street parking; and there is a ton of stuff to do afterwards on this street; it’s super baby and dog friendly…what more could you ask for?

i love all their breakfast items, their specialty coffees, salads and sandwiches.  i would kiiinda avoid some of the desserts (you can see what you like and don’t like in the case) and the red velvet pancakes.  i dunno…the red velvet is good but not SOOO amazing you have to drive all the way to larchmont for it.  ya know?

Specialty Coffee on Abbott Kinney

i’m no coffee snob,  but when coffee is made well  you really can’t help but savor each sip and feel all giddy inside.  two of my favorite places to grab specialty slow drip coffee are Blue Bottle and Intelligentcia.  TO DIE FOR drinks.  Iced Coffee, Lattes, you name it… your taste buds will be doing a happy dance. =)

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G&B Coffee


Sunday I checked out grand central station with my old roommie and fellow chang-sta.  I got to try three places at the same time which REALLY made my inner fattie dance with joy.  These days since alchie is NOT an option, I’ve been trying to de-stress with delicious food and drinks.  healthy right?  lol

G&B is like Go Get Em Tiger on Larchmont.  It’s a bar feel where you can walk up and order a drink (rather than wait in a line like normal coffee shops).  I ordered a sweet latte but what I REALLY wanted was the $8 Shake: 4 shots of espresso, ice cream and cream).  The shake tasted like heaven in your mouth.  I only had one sip since I’m preggo and can’t drink TOO much caffiene.  WAHHHH.  next time…

20150201_131242 IMG_2587 IMG_2584IMG_2586

Go Get Em Tiger: Sweet Tea Latte


Go Get Em Tiger is the cutest coffee shop on Larchmont that I just discovered.  My friends had heard about this place as one of the best in LA and well…they were completely right.  The coffee was DELICIOUS: creamy, rich, just the right amount of sweet… very impressive.  The ambiance, sleek decor and pastries were all really impressive.  I especially loved the coffee bar where the baristas look like their mixing fancy cocktails. =)

love it!  totally recommend this place for LA natives and tourists alike.  Go Get Em is simliar in style to blue bottle, philz and cafe dulce ~~  all very delicious, gourmet, and straight up fanncy. =)  It’s also next to the cutest brunch places and boutiques so plan to spend the entire afternoon on that block AND if you go on Sundays there’s a farmer’s market across the street!

230 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004
(323) 380-5359



Happy Hump Day


I reallly needed this morning pick me up.  It’s only Wednesday and already it has been a long and stressful week at home.  *sigh *

Ordered a multigrain bagel with cream cheese and an iced venti nonfat white mocha with an extra espresso shot.  The decadent drink is masking the shots of espresso I need to get through today.  Wish me luck!  Lots of meetings and shows ahead.