Anti-hangover drink: Asian Pear Juice


Holy crap why did I not kno about this before???  This drink is a little miracle worker in a can.  I chugged this after a night of drinking and woke up hangover free~~~ I didn’t feel fresh as a flower the next morning but I also wasn’t puking with a crazy headache either.  So huge plus!   Next time I think I will try to drink this before a night of drinking and then again right after.  :).  For double the protection.  Hehe


Yelp Elite Rock the Yacht Event

Last Tuesday, I went to a an incredible yelp elite event with my old roomie ❤

The event was held on a yacht in Marina Del Rey and there were about 20-30 vendors giving away free food, alcohol, treats, and souvenirs.  This was my first big main yelp event and it was such an exclusive treat!  Here are some professional photos from the night and a few of my own at the end ❤

I’m so grateful I was able to participate in this event. xo  Can’t wait till the next one!

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This beef jerky was SOO GOOD that I immediately bought 5 bags for markel (for only $20!).

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These babies are hangover cures that TOTALLY WORK!!  I’ve taken it a few times and I’m always shocked at how refreshed I feel after a night of crazy drinking with my friends.

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The entire event was a nautical theme ❤9826271955_595f7b98fe_o