Shrimp Tacos

Our church arranged for two food trucks to come and THIS was what waited for us. =)  Of course I do not remember the name of the taco truck… >.<  UGH so delic.  I wish I had a plate of these right now…


Sweetgreen on 3rd Street

2015-07-26 13.13.03

holy heavens, this place is AMAAAAAAZING.  so…being kinda cweepy i follow a blogger from new york who raves about sweet green.  (according to her life/blog) sweet green started in DC and expanded out to NYC and NOWWW it’s in LA! =D  being a cweepy blog fan i checked this place out with a few girlfriends and instantly loved their omega salad (below) and their guacamole salad (above).  the flavor profiles are just SPOT ON and there are different textures mixed into the salad that keep it interesting/fun.  haha does that even make sense?  on top of the great food there’s free parking, the restaurant is SUPER CLEAN (love that) and the staff are incredibly friendly.

one thing i love eating that i feel like LA doesn’t have enough of are GOOOD salad places.  Tender Greens  and Lemonade are really the only places i would say meet my gourmet salad expectations and needs…until now. =)  check this place out if you’re near the beverly center or you’re just DYING for a to-die-for salad. =D xx

2015-07-26 13.19.49

Chunju Han Il Kwan

Chunju Han Il Kwan is a place that I love coming to.  The service isn’t great, the menu selection isn’t super long, but the food in FANTASTIC.  Seriously so good.  I get the boodae jjigae (the everything soup) and it REALLY hits the spot during cold weather.   I met a friend there during my winter break and the hot soup on a drizzly day was exactly what we both needed.

If you’re in the mood for comfort food or a hot spicy soup, definitely check this place out.  They also have an amazing savory veggie pancake as well.

Chunju Han Il Kwan has a small parking lot and the line to the restaurant can get pretty ridiculous.  I recommend getting there early or during an off dinner hour.  This joint is pretty small inside as well so I would recommend a party of 2-4 people so you can get seated easily.


the delicious side dishes that come with the soup.  i seriously LOVE restaurants that give lots of side dishes.  probably because i don’t live with mama chang anymore and really  miss it…


there’s boba time next door to the restaurant and i love getting their mango smoothie.  SO GOOD.  it’s the perfect dessert after a spicy hot soup. xo


Go Get Em Tiger: Sweet Tea Latte


Go Get Em Tiger is the cutest coffee shop on Larchmont that I just discovered.  My friends had heard about this place as one of the best in LA and well…they were completely right.  The coffee was DELICIOUS: creamy, rich, just the right amount of sweet… very impressive.  The ambiance, sleek decor and pastries were all really impressive.  I especially loved the coffee bar where the baristas look like their mixing fancy cocktails. =)

love it!  totally recommend this place for LA natives and tourists alike.  Go Get Em is simliar in style to blue bottle, philz and cafe dulce ~~  all very delicious, gourmet, and straight up fanncy. =)  It’s also next to the cutest brunch places and boutiques so plan to spend the entire afternoon on that block AND if you go on Sundays there’s a farmer’s market across the street!

230 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004
(323) 380-5359



Honeymee in Koreatown


honeymee is the new big thing in ktown (in terms of desserts) and i couldn’t WAIT to try it.  i saw so many people posting adorable pics, i had to as well. =P

i got the “honeymee” which came with milk ice cream, a drizzle of honey and a honeycomb.  The ice cream was good, rich and thick.  Like you could really taste the milk.  THe rest of it…meh.   I normally readlly don’t like honey, but i thought eating fresh honey would taste different.  it doesn’t.  yes it’s better than the generic honey you buy in stores, but it didn’t turn me into a honey lover.  I also had no idea what to do with the honeycomb. do you eat it?  do you suck on it?  so out of pure confusion i just left it as is.

overall, this is a place i’m really glad i tried but i have no plans to go back.  the ice cream was good and different, but not something i can see myself craving.

TIP: Check in on yelp and get 50 cents off your order!IMG_0839 IMG_0840

Sycamore Kitchen

Sycamore Kitchen is my new all time favorite place to eat brunch and take new friends who are visiting LA.  The food is phenomenal and the decor is gorgeous (rustic and chic).

My friends from Sacramento were here visiting and I knew we HAD to go here! =)

–cant remember all the desserts/baked goodies we got but they were all phenomenal.  the cupcake below was my favorite but the cornmeal slice was the favorite of a few guys at the table.



iced cubano coffee…TO DIE FOR.  i could drink 100 of them.


smoked salmon on toast.  it was delicious but small.  i like a hearty breakfast.


Yucatan Bowl – Chicken tinga, black beans, corn tortilla, fried egg, avocado, pico de gallo (12)

SOOO FREAKING DELICIOUS.  I almost stole this dish from my friend.  Absolutely amazing.  hands down the best thing i’ve had at sycamore kitchen.  my only request (to the chef if you’re reading) is to add rice.  that would have totally made my day!


Eggs Benedict – Honey-sherry glazed pancetta, poached eggs, fried rosemary, hollandaise (12.50)


Double B-LTA, crispy and braised pork belly, butter lettuce, balsamic, tomatoes, avocado, mayo, country bread (11.75)


if you haven’t been to sycamore kitchen i highly recommend it!  the ambiance is gorgeous, they’re dog friendly, the waitstaff is nice, and the food is amazing.