Anti-hangover drink: Asian Pear Juice


Holy crap why did I not kno about this before???  This drink is a little miracle worker in a can.  I chugged this after a night of drinking and woke up hangover free~~~ I didn’t feel fresh as a flower the next morning but I also wasn’t puking with a crazy headache either.  So huge plus!   Next time I think I will try to drink this before a night of drinking and then again right after.  :).  For double the protection.  Hehe


Sambazon Cleanse


I’m going on a little cleans this week.  Sambazon has a 3 day cleanse pack at Costco that’s super easy to do and isn’t JUST juicing.  The premade juices come with instructions and menu options for food to supplement the juices.  I like this plan WAY BETTER than some of the other things out there.  To go from food to just liquids would be torture.

With Sambazon, you can eat veggies, fruit, whole grains and soups.  Just no Meat, Dairy or Carbs.  Makes total sense.  The juices cleanse you and give you vital nutrients~ while you’re able to supplement those with more nutritious foods.    This entire 3-day cleanse is ONLY $15.  CRAZY.  Especially since other juice deals out there are in the hundreds of dollars.  Yes you still have to buy food instead of drinking 5-6 of these a day, but the price difference is totally worth the extra work!

I’ve only tried the Daily Cleanse so far and I’m feeling good!  I am cheating a little tho…you’re not allowed to have coffee with the three day cleanse, but I basically IV coffee into my veins daily so taking it out wasn’t an option for me.  ESPECIALLY during a busy work week.  I’d be the biggest bitch for miles around.  SOOO in all fairness to the people around me and my own sanity, I’m keeping it in the diet plan.

I Bought 2 3-day packs to see if I could do this for 4-5 days.  I’m probably drinking a little more than 1/3 of each juice (you’re only supposed to drink 1/3 of each)~~ but it’s because I’ve never done anything like this before and I want to make sure the portions are realistic.

Anyway, I’ll report back to you how I feel at the end of it.  I’m seriously keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t have any slip ups!!! xoxoxo


Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon Snack


Happy Monday!!